WIBA Political Advocacy

WIBA Political Advocacy

Political Advocacy

In our lives and in our businesses the activities of our governments play a role every day.  Through an on-going series of reports, the WIBA Government Affairs Commitment hopes to help our membership understand government activities, and what members can do.

Every two years, when elections are held in Kansas, the Wichita Area Builder’s Association conducts interviews with candidates for the State Legislature, Sedgwick County Commission, and Wichita City Council. They invite WIBA and other business organizations to participate, which we do, often joined by representatives of the Wichita Chamber of Commerce, and the Wichita Realtors Association. By interviewing candidates jointly we get better candidate participation because they know that they don’t need to participate in as many interviews.

Candidates are generally all asked the same questions, and the groups interviewing do very little discussion of candidates, or make any collective decisions. WIBA is legally organized under a non-profit section of tax codes that prohibits us from officially “endorsing” candidates, although we can give qualified recommendations. Our concerns in the process are to identify candidates who appear most qualified to serve, and whose views appear generally favorable to the conduct of small businesses.

Because WIBA is a diverse organization, we try not to take strong positions as much as trying to educate our members about the most important issues. Some of these issues will be covered in individual reports.

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