Weekly Kansas Legislative Updates

Weekly Kansas Legislative Updates
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The Kansas Legislature gaveled in for the 2019 Legislative Session at 2:00 p.m. on Monday and took off
running. Typically, the first few days are slow as legislators settle into their offices. This week, however, saw glimpses of fireworks that could set the tone for a complicated legislative session.
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Week six of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session remained steady pace with the biggest event of the week is the announcement of the new Lieutenant Governor on Tuesday evening. The legislature is working towards next week’s “turnaround” deadline, the halfway point of the Kansas Legislative session, which comes on Thursday of next week.
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Week four of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session continued with committee work. The main-focus of this
week was the swearing in of new Governor Jeff Colyer and Governor Brownback’s resignation.
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Week 7 of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session saw a flurry of floor activity as the turnaround deadline approached. Both chambers worked to get bills out of their house of origin and across to the other body. The Senate finished late in the afternoon on Thursday as the House debated issues early into the evening before adjourning until next Wednesday.
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The fifth week of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session included a joint address by the new Governor, Dr. Jeff Colyer, on Wednesday to the House and Senate. Around that address the business of the state began ramping up with several interesting bills being heard and previews of upcoming struggles over a number of issues.
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The 10th week of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session saw limited action. Legislators are awaiting the release of the K-12 School Finance Study scheduled for review this afternoon. The study’s release has been anticipated all session and its findings will determine the remainder of the session. Expect a follow up report once the details of that study become public.
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The second half of the 2018 Kansas Legislative session began slow with only two days of work after the turnaround break and a pro forma (nonwork day) on Friday. With more than half of the session’s scheduled ninety-days complete much work still remains before First Adjournment, which is scheduled for Friday, April 6th.
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The 2018 Legislature is two weeks away from first adjournment. This week committees wrapped up their work and more information was released about the K-12 School Finance Study. The House and Senate will be on the floor all week, working its way towards adjournment.
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The 2018 Legislature returned for the 2018 Veto session April 26th for a truncated 8-day Veto Session due to a procedural vote taken just before the end of regular session that set May 4th as the “Sine Die” official end to the 2018 Legislative Session.
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The final week of the 2018 Kansas Legislative Session saw both chambers work beyond the original deadline in order to pass legislation to address the K-12 Finance issue. It turned out to be a dramatic end to what had been a relatively uneventful session.
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