The WIBA TAB Board


Another unique benefit of being a WIBA member is the opportunity to join The Alternative Board (TAB). The mission of TAB is to help business owners improve their businesses and achieve a greater balance in their lives. TAB is a “board” of small business owners representing a variety of industries providing both products and services. Because most small businesses do not have a Board of Directors, TAB acts as a Board where members can discuss issues and opportunities and receive strategic direction, advice and potential solutions during monthly meetings. All information is kept confidential

Membership in TAB includes a thorough analysis of the business as well as the business owner, a complete online library of resources from nationally known leaders, monthly TAB meetings and monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with the TAB Facilitator. The monthly fee is greatly discounted for WIBA members

“As a TAB member, I am continually impressed with the excellent ideas and suggestions offered by fellow TAB members,” said Alicia Holloway, WIBA President.” “I am equally impressed to see that advice being implemented and improving members’ businesses. TAB gets results.”

Come experience the WIBA TAB Board as my personal guest. Just give me a call or send an email to sign up at