KIBPAC–Kansas Independent Business Political Action Committee


The KIBPAC is a bipartisan, independent, non profit organization interested in electing business-oriented legislators committed to preserving and promoting free competitive private enterprise through enlightened and vigorous political action.


The KIBPAC works with both major political parties but remains independent of any political affiliation. The KIBPAC is supported through contributions provided by both business and individuals and these contributions are used specifically for political campaign purposes.


Contributions can be made to the KIBPAC from any business operating in Kansas, any individual residing in Kansas or any other political action group. There are no monetary limits placed on the amount that can be contributed to KIBPAC. Limits do exist, however, on the amount that the KIBPAC can contribute to an individual candidate. Contributions to the KIBPAC are not deductible and do not qualify as tax credits.


Your involvement at all levels of government is a way for you to help ensure the passage of legislation that Kansas businesses need to grow and prosper.


How can you help pro-business candidates?

One important way is to pledge your financial support either directly to the candidate of your choice or by making a donation to the Kansas Independent Business Political Action Committee (KIBPAC).


WIBA established KIBPAC a few years ago to help members more easily participate in the electoral process. The KIBPAC mission is to support and endorse legislators and candidates who support and promote the tenets of a free enterprise system.


If you choose to make a donation to the KIBPAC:
Please make your check(s) payable to the Kansas Independent Business PAC.
Mail to 200 E. 1st St. Ste. 101, Wichita KS 67202-2160


Note that corporate funds or personal funds are permissible under Kansas law.