Network Security Tips for SMBs

Articles by our Members

Articles by our Members
Network Security Tips for SMBs

Authored by Jeff Lucas, High Touch Technologies


Firewalls and anti-virus will only take your business so far when it comes to protecting yourself from the threat of cyber-attacks and hackers. Even with these controls in place, simple human error and bad judgement can take down your entire system. Below are some easy tips to help protect your business.


If you allow employees to plug their personal phones into their computer, even just to charge them, you open your network up to any virus that may be on their individual device. By plugging the phone into the computer (as opposed to a wall jack), it is by default connected to your system and able to access your network.


Everyone loves Wi-Fi! Your employees need it; guests to your place of business demand it. However, if these networks are not kept separate, it can put your data at risk. This does not just mean a “guest” network and a password-protected network for employees. You must logically or physically segment the two networks.


No employee needs access to your entire network – and even your network administrator should have an alternate user login for when they are not acting in an administrative capacity. The more you limit the access of your data, the safer it will be.


Ransomware is all about holding your system and data hostage. With a good backup, you can significantly decrease your liability. Keep in mind, however, that some cyber criminals will embed their virus far ahead of time so that it is present in your backups, too. We recommend backups for at least 60-90 days.


Cybercrime evolves almost daily. Read the news to stay up-to-date on the latest scams, then share that information with your teams, and take every opportunity to learn more about how to keep yourself and your business protected 800.326.6059 |

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