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Articles by our Members

Articles by our Members
It’s rarely a good thing for a company to lose an employee, but when that employee is one of your top performers, it’s like rubbing salt into the wound. If the employee who left has always been a fantastic worker who seemed to love their job, it might be a sign you need to look within your organization to figure out what went wrong.
When seeking financing for your next project ask yourself if a bank loan is a good fit for your business startup or expansion. Use the following questions as a guide to assess the strength of your business proposal for you and the bank.
Blunders in HR can hurt profits and prevent growth, which could be detrimental to any business. Even though small business is a major economic driver in the U.S., many don’t survive past the first five years. In an effort to increase small business’success rate, we offer these HR tips for small business:
Firewalls and anti-virus will only take your business so far when it comes to protecting yourself from the threat of cyber-attacks and hackers. Even with these controls in place, simple human error and bad judgement can take down your entire system. Below are some easy tips to help protect your business.
1. Existing Customers Are Important 2. Consistency Is Key 3. Direct Mail Develops A Relationship 4. Stand Out Against Your Competition
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